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Analytical chemistry & Instrumental Analysis EAX_S_202 Module
Biochemical Engineering EAX_5_236 Module
Biochemical Treatment EAX_6_253 Module
Biochemistry & Biochemical Engineering BUE_5_BBE Module
Calculus EAX_S_206 Module
Calculus BUE_S_CAL Module
Catalysis EAX_6_246 Module
Chemical Engineering Laboratory BUE_5_CEL Module
Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics EAX_4_221 Module
Chemical Process Industries EAX_4_220 Module
Chemical Reaction Engineering EAX_5_227 Module
Control of Air Pollution EAX_6_249 Module
Desalination Technology & Energy Conversion BUE_6_DTE Module
Differential Equations EAX_S_209 Module
Electrochemical Engineering BUE_4_ECE Module
Electrochemistry EAX_4_222 Module
Electronics & Electrical Power Engineering EAX_S_211 Module
Engineering Economics EAX_4_217 Module
Engineering Thermodynamics EAX_S_205 Module
Engineering Thermodynamics BUE_4_ETD Module
Environmental Conscious Process Design BUE_6_ECP Module
Environmental Engineering & Risk Analysis EAX_6_250 Module
Environmental Legislation EAX_6_251 Module
Fluid Mechanics for Chemical Engineers EAX_4_213 Module
Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering EAX_S_210 Module
Group Design Project EAB_6_242 Module
Heat Transfer EAX_4_224 Module
Individual Research Project EAB_6_241 Module
Inorganic Chemistry EAX_S_201 Module
Introduction to chemical engineering EAX_S_203 Module
Lab for Petrochemical Engineering EAX_6_243 Module
Maintenance for Oil and Gas Plants EAX_6_245 Module
Management for Chemical Engineers EAX_5_226 Module
Mass & Energy Balance EAX_4_214 Module
Mass & Energy Balance BUE_S_MEB Module
Mass Transfer EAX_5_225 Module
Measurements and Data Analysis and Engineering Presentations EAX_4_223 Module
Modern Physics for Chemical Engineers EAX_S_207 Module
Natural Gas Processing EAX_6_239 Module
Numerical Methods EAX_4_219 Module
Organic Chemistry I EAX_S_212 Module
Organic Chemistry II EAX_4_215 Module
Organic Chemistry II BUE_S_OC2 Module
Particle Technology and Solid Processing EAX_5_233 Module
Petrochemical Production Processes EAX_6_238 Module
Petroleum Refining Engineering EAX_6_237 Module
Petroleum Upgrading Engineering EAX_6_244 Module
Physical Chemistry for Chemical Engineering EAX_S_204 Module
Physical Chemistry for Chemical Engineering BUE_4_PCE Module
Plant & Process Design EAX_5_234 Module
Pollution Sampling Analysis & Monitoring EAX_6_252 Module
Polymer Chemistry EAX_4_216 Module
Polymer Engineering BUE_4_POE Module
Polymer Engineering EAX_5_231 Module
Problem Solving using Computers BUE_4_PSC Module
Process Data Analysis BUE_4_PDA Module
Process Dynamic and Control EAX_5_235 Module
Process Heat Transfer EAX_5_229 Module
Process Integration BUE_5_PIN Module
Process Integration, Simulation, and Design EAX_5_230 Module
Process safety EAX_5_228 Module
Project Management & Entrepreneurship BUE_5_PRE Module
Renewable Energy BUE_6_RNE Module
Rigid Body Mechanics for Chemical Engineers EAX_S_208 Module
Separation Processes EAX_5_232 Module
Solid and Hazardous Waste Engineering and Management EAX_6_256 Module
Stress Analysis & Pressure Vessels Design EAX_4_218 Module
Technical Writing & Communication BUE_S_TWC Module
Water and Wastewater Treatment EAX_6_248 Module
Water Treatment and Membrane Processes EAX_6_254 Module
Water Treatment for Petrochemical Engineering EAX_6_240 Module

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