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Advanced Production Logging EAX_6_300 Module
Calculus EAX_S_206 Module
Calculus BUE_S_CAL Module
Computer Applications in Petroleum EAX_5_286 Module
Corrosion in the Oil and Gas Industry EAX_5_278 Module
Design Project EAB_6_296 Module
Differential Equations EAX_S_209 Module
Drilling Engineering I EAX_4_268 Module
Drilling Engineering II EAX_6_295 Module
Drilling Fluid Laboratory EAX_4_276 Module
Engineering Probability and Statistics EAX_4_266 Module
Engineering Project Management EAX_5_277 Module
Enhanced Hydrocarbon Recovery EAX_6_293 Module
Field Courses EAX_5_282 Module
Field Development and Reservoir Management EAX_6_294 Module
Fundamental Management BUE_S_296 Module
Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics BUE_S_FFM Module
Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer EAX_4_269 Module
Fundamentals of Thermodynamics BUE_S_FTH Module
Gas Condensate Reservoir Engineering EAX_6_302 Module
Geological Principles of Petroleum Exploration EAX_S_265 Module
Introduction to Analytical Chemistry EAX_4_274 Module
Introduction to Petroleum Engineering EAX_S_258 Module
Machine Design for Petroleum Engineers EAX_4_270 Module
Materials Science for Petroleum Engineering EAX_S_257 Module
Numerical Methods EAX_4_219 Module
Organic Chemistry EAX_4_267 Module
Petroleum and Natural Gas Exploration EAX_5_281 Module
Petroleum Development Geology EAX_5_287 Module
Petroleum Economics and Legislation EAX_5_283 Module
Petroleum Production Engineering & Equipment EAX_5_285 Module
Physical Chemistry for Petroleum Engineering EAX_S_259 Module
Physics for Petroleum Engineers EAX_S_261 Module
Research Project EAC_6_289 Module
Reservoir Engineering I EAX_5_279 Module
Reservoir Engineering II EAX_6_290 Module
Reservoir Fluid Properties EAX_4_272 Module
Reservoir Modelling and Simulation EAX_5_284 Module
Reservoir Rock & Fluid Properties Laboratory EAX_4_275 Module
Reservoir Rock Properties EAX_4_273 Module
Safety & Environment in Petroleum Industry EAX_6_291 Module
Structural and Stress Analysis EAX_S_264 Module
Surface Production Facilities EAX_6_292 Module
Surveying for Petroleum Engineers EAX_4_271 Module
Technical Report Writing and Communication EAX_S_256 Module
Well Logging EAX_5_280 Module
Well Testing EAX_5_288 Module

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