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Clinical Psychology PSY_6_CPL Module
Counselling Skills 1 PSY_4_CK1 Module
Counselling Skills 2 PSY_4_CK2 Module
Counselling Studies 1 PSY_6_CT1 Module
Counselling Studies 2 PSY_6_CT2 Module
Empirical Project PSY_6_EPP Module
Lifespan Development PSY_6_LSD Module
Professional Placement in Psychology PSY_6_PPP Module
Psychological Research Methods 3 PSY_5_ERM Module
Psychological Research Methods 4 PSY_5_PRM Module
Psychology in the Criminal Justice System PSY_6_PCJ Module
Psychology in the Workplace PSY_6_PWK Module
Psychology of Feelings PSY_5_POF Module
Psychology of Judgment and Decision-Making PSY_6_PJD Module
Psychology of Learning and Memory PSY_5_PLM Module
Psychology of Sex Gender Relationships PSY_6_PSR Module
Psychology of the Performing Arts PSY_6_PPA Module
Psychopharmacology PSY_6_PYP Module
The Psychology of Behaviour with Others PSY_5_PBO Module
The Psychology of Thinking and Communication PSY_5_PTK Module
Thinking: Past, present, and future PSY_6_PPF Module

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