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Analog Communications BUE_4_ACN Module
Antennas and Propagation (1) BUE_6_AP1 Module
Applied Numerical Techniques BUE_4_330 Module
Calculus EAX_S_206 Module
Communication Networks BUE_6_COM Module
Communications BUE_4_322 Module
Computer Architecture BUE_4_328 Module
Computer Networks BUE_5_CNE Module
Computer Organisation BUE_4_CRG Module
Computer Programming BUE_S_COP Module
Control System Design BUE_4_327 Module
Control Systems BUE_5_CSY Module
Design Project BUE_6_DEP Module
Digital Communications (1) BUE_5_DCO Module
Digital Communications (2) BUE_5_DC2 Module
Digital Control BUE_5_334 Module
Digital Design BUE_4_326 Module
Digital Design BUE_S_DID Module
Digital Electronics BUE_5_DEL Module
Digital Signal Processing BUE_5_DSP Module
E&C: Law, Standards and Practice BUE_4_LSP Module
Electric Circuits (1) BUE_S_242 Module
Electric Circuits (2) BUE_S_EC2 Module
Electrical Power BUE_4_324 Module
Electromagnetic Compatibility BUE_6_ELC Module
Electromagnetic Fields (1) BUE_4_EF1 Module
Electromagnetic Fields (2) BUE_4_EF2 Module
Electromagnetic Waves BUE_5_EMW Module
Electromagnetism 2 BUE_5_332 Module
Electronic Measurement and Instrumentation BUE_4_EMI Module
Electronics (1) BUE_S_243 Module
Electronics (2) BUE_4_ELE Module
Electronics (2) BUE_4_321 Module
Electronics (3) BUE_5_EC3 Module
Electronics and Communications: Law, Standards and Practice BUE_5_339 Module
Engineering Economics BUE_5_333 Module
Engineering Project Management BUE_4_329 Module
Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice BUE_S_ETP Module
Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithm Design BUE_S_246 Module
Introduction to Electrical Materials BUE_4_325 Module
Math for Communications BUE_4_MCN Module
Microwave Circuits, Systems & Communication BUE_6_MCS Module
Microwave Engineering BUE_5_MVE Module
Optical Systems BUE_5_OSY Module
Optical Systems BUE_6_OSY Module
Principles of Digital Communications 1 BUE_5_331 Module
Principles of Digital Communications 2 BUE_5_337 Module
Principles of Electromagnetic Fields BUE_S_247 Module
Probability and Random Processes BUE_4_323 Module
Probability and Statistics BUE_4_PST Module
Programming in JAVA BUE_S_245 Module
Project Management BUE_S_PJM Module
Report Writing and Data Presentation BUE_S_244 Module
Research Project BUE_6_REP Module
Selected Topics in Measurement and Instrumentation BUE_5_336 Module
Semiconductor Devices BUE_5_340 Module
Signals and Systems BUE_S_248 Module
Software Engineering 1 BUE_5_335 Module
Solid State Electronics BUE_S_SSE Module
Systems Analysis and Design BUE_5_338 Module
VLSI Technology BUE_6_VLS Module

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