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Abnormal Psychology BUE_5_ABP Module
Clinical Psychology 1 (Diagnostics) BUE_6_CPD Module
Clinical Psychology 2 (Therapeutic) BUE_6_CPT Module
Cognitive Psychology BUE_4_CPY Module
Community Psychology BUE_6_CMP Module
Counselling Psychology BUE_5_CSP Module
Descriptive Statistics in Psychology BUE_4_DSP Module
Educational Psychology BUE_5_EPS Module
Experimental Psychology BUE_4_EXP Module
Family Psychology BUE_4_FPY Module
Group Dynamics and Leadership BUE_4_GDL Module
Health Psychology BUE_6_HPY Module
Inferential Statistics in Psychology BUE_5_ISP Module
Integrations of the Exceptional Child BUE_6_IXC Module
Internship 1 BUE_6_IP1 Module
Internship 2 BUE_6_IP2 Module
Laboratory Practice BUE_5_LBP Module
Motivation and Learning BUE_4_MVL Module
Neuropsychology BUE_6_NPY Module
Organisational Psychology BUE_5_OGP Module
Personal Effectiveness BUE_5_PEF Module
Physiological Psychology BUE_4_PPY Module
Psychological Assessment BUE_6_PAS Module
Psychological Research Methods BUE_4_PRD Module
Psychological Testing 1 BUE_5_PT1 Module
Psychological Testing 2 BUE_5_PT2 Module
Reasoning and Decision Making BUE_5_RDM Module
Selective Topics in Psychology BUE_5_STP Module
Sociolinguistics and Psycholinguistics BUE_5_SPL Module
The Psychology of Adulthood and Aging BUE_4_PAA Module
The Psychology of Children with Special Needs BUE_6_PCS Module
The Psychology of Learning BUE_4_TPL Module
The Psychology of Violence BUE_4_PSV Module
The Psychology of Women BUE_4_TPW Module
Theories of Personality BUE_5_TOP Module

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