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Analysis and Design of Algorithms BUE_5_ADA Module
Calculus BUE_S_CAL Module
Communications Skills BUE_4_CSK Module
Compiler Design BUE_6_CDE Module
Computer Architecture BUE_4_CAR Module
Computer Graphics BUE_5_COG Module
Computer Organization BUE_S_COR Module
Computer Vision BUE_6_COV Module
Computer-Controlled Systems BUE_5_CCS Module
Control System Design BUE_4_CSD Module
Data Communications and Computer Networks BUE_5_DCC Module
Database Systems BUE_4_DBS Module
Design Project BUE_6_DEP Module
Differential Equations BUE_S_DEQ Module
Digital Control Systems BUE_5_DCS Module
Digital Design BUE_4_DID Module
Digital Electronics BUE_4_DEL Module
Digital Signal Processing BUE_5_DSP Module
Discrete Mathematics BUE_4_DMA Module
Distributed Systems BUE_6_DSY Module
Economics BUE_4_ECO Module
Electric Circuits BUE_S_ELC Module
Electrical Energy Systems BUE_4_EES Module
Electronic Measurements BUE_S_ELM Module
Electronics BUE_S_ELE Module
Embedded Systems BUE_6_EMS Module
Human-Computer Interaction BUE_6_HIN Module
Internet Programming BUE_5_INP Module
Introduction to Communication Systems BUE_5_ICS Module
Introduction to Data Structures and Algorithms BUE_S_IDS Module
Microprocessor Design BUE_5_MID Module
Mobile Computing BUE_6_MOC Module
Modelling and Simulation Techniques BUE_5_MST Module
Operating Systems BUE_4_OPS Module
Operations Research BUE_5_OPR Module
Probability and Statistics BUE_5_PAS Module
Programming and Software Design BUE_S_PSD Module
Project Management BUE_S_PRJ Module
Report Writing and Data Presentation BUE_S_RDP Module
Research Project BUE_6_REP Module
Signals & Systems BUE_4_SAS Module
Software Engineering 1 BUE_4_SF1 Module

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