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Calculus BUE_S_CAL Module
Calculus BUE_S_CLC Module
Computer Programming BUE_S_CMP Module
Data Acquisition and Sensors BUE_5_DAS Module
Design Project BUE_6_DPR Module
Design, Control, and Maintenance of PV Plants BUE_5_DCM Module
Differential Equations BUE_S_DFQ Module
Electrical Circuits BUE_S_ECI Module
Electrical Machines (1) BUE_S_ECM Module
Electrical Machines 2 BUE_6_EM2 Module
Electrical Power Transmission BUE_5_EPT Module
Electronics BUE_4_ELC Module
Energy & Environmental Issues BUE_4_EEI Module
Entrepreneurship BUE_4_ETP Module
Environmental Risk Analysis BUE_6_ERA Module
Fluid Mechanics BUE_4_FLM Module
Foundation of Marketing BUE_4_FOM Module
Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer BUE_4_HMT Module
Fundamentals of Management BUE_4_FDM Module
Graduation Research Project BUE_6_GDP Module
High Voltage Engineering BUE_6_HVE Module
Hydraulic, Geothermal and Bio Energy BUE_5_HGB Module
Industrial Training BUE_4_INT Module
Industrial Training BUE_5_IDT Module
Introduction to Mechatronics & Measurements BUE_S_IMM Module
Introduction to Renewable Energy Systems BUE_S_IRE Module
Materials Science BUE_S_MAT Module
Measurements Lab BUE_S_MSL Module
Modelling and Simulation for Renewable Energy Systems BUE_5_MSR Module
Network Interfacing of Renewable Resources BUE_5_NIR Module
Numerical Methods BUE_4_NUM Module
Physical Chemistry BUE_S_PHC Module
Physics (3) BUE_S_PHY Module
Power Electronics BUE_6_PEL Module
Power Generation and Conversion Systems BUE_5_PGC Module
Power System Analysis BUE_5_PSY Module
Power Systems Protection BUE_6_PSP Module
Probability and Statistics BUE_4_PRS Module
Project Management and Economics BUE_4_PME Module
Signals & Systems BUE_5_SAS Module
Solar Energy: Photovoltaic (PV) Systems BUE_5_SPS Module
Solar Thermal Energy Systems BUE_5_STE Module
Storage Energy Technology BUE_4_SET Module
Technical Report Writing and Communication BUE_S_TRC Module
Theory and Applications of Automatic Control BUE_4_TAA Module
Thermodynamics (1) BUE_S_THD Module
Thermodynamics (2) BUE_4_TD2 Module
Wind Energy Systems BUE_5_WES Module

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