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Advanced Mathematics (1) BUE_S_AM1 Module
Advanced Mathematics (2) BUE_S_AM2 Module
Bio Lubricants for Tribological Engineering and Engine Tribology BUE_6_BLT Module
Biofuels (1) BUE_4_BF1 Module
Biofuels (2) BUE_5_BF2 Module
Biomass Engineering BUE_S_BOE Module
Biophysics BUE_4_BIO Module
Bioproduct Design BUE_5_BPD Module
Bioreactor Design BUE_5_BRD Module
Bioremediation of Environmental Pollutant BUE_5_BEP Module
Biotechnology BUE_5_BIT Module
Business Skills for Engineers and Technologies BUE_5_BSE Module
Climate Change and Bioenergy BUE_6_CCB Module
Design Project BUE_6_DPR Module
Economics of BioEnergy BUE_5_EBE Module
Electrical and Electronic Engineering BUE_4_EEE Module
Energy Sources BUE_S_ENS Module
Environmental Risk Analysis BUE_6_ERA Module
Fluid Mechanics BUE_4_FLM Module
Fundamentals of Biochemical Engineering BUE_4_FBE Module
Fundamentals of Corrosion Science BUE_4_FCS Module
Fundamentals of Heat and Mass Transfer BUE_4_HMT Module
Fundamentals of Management for Engineers BUE_5_FME Module
Fundamentals of Microbiology BUE_S_FMB Module
Graduation Research Project BUE_6_GDP Module
Industrial Training BUE_5_IDT Module
Industrial Training BUE_4_INT Module
Inorganic Chemistry BUE_S_IOC Module
Legislation and Regulations BUE_5_LAR Module
Mass and Energy Balances BUE_4_MEB Module
Modelling and Simulation BUE_5_MAS Module
Nanotechnology for Biochemical System BUE_5_NBS Module
Numerical Methods BUE_4_NUM Module
Organic Chemistry BUE_S_OCH Module
Petroleum Bioprocessing BUE_5_PBP Module
Principles of Plant Design BUE_5_PPD Module
Principles of Process Design BUE_4_PPD Module
Structural and Stress Analysis BUE_S_SSA Module
Thermodynamics BUE_4_THD Module
Unit Operation BUE_4_UOP Module
Valorisation of Waste and Biomass BUE_6_VWB Module

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