1. Core Materials 7 items
  2. Optional Materials 13 items
    1. Adaptive motion compensation in radiotherapy - Martin J. Murphy, ProQuest (Firm) 2012 (electronic resource)

      Book Optional

    2. Geometric Uncertainties in Radiotherapy: Defining the Planning Target Volume - BIR Working Party 30 Jun. 2003

      Book Optional

    3. Khan's Treatment Planning in Radiation Oncology - Faiz M. KhanJohn P. GibbonsPaul W. Sperduto& 1 more 1 Jun. 2016

      Book Optional

    4. Improved immobilization using an individual head support in head-and-neck cancer patients - Houweling, Antonetta C.van der Meer, Skadivan der Wal, EdwinTerhaard, Chris H. J.Raaijmakers, Cornelis P. J. 2010

      Article Optional Session 4: Motion management strategies for Head and Neck sites

    5. Motion Management for Radical Radiotherapy in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer - A.J. Cole, G.G. Hanna, S. Jain, J.M. O'Sullivan 2014-2

      Article Optional Session 5: Motion management strategies for Thorax sites

    6. Use of combined maximum and minimum intensity projections to determine internal target volume in 4-dimensional CT scans for hepatic malignancies. - Jin Liu, Jia-Zhou Wang, Jian-Dong Zhao, Zhi-Yong Xu 2012

      Article Optional Session 6: Motion management strategies for Abdomen sites

    7. Toward an individualized target motion management for IMRT of cervical cancer based on model-predicted cervix–uterus shape and position - Luiza Bondar, Mischa Hoogeman, Jan Willem Mens, Glenn Dhawtal 2011-5

      Article Optional Session 7: Motion management strategies for Pelvis sites