1. Core 1 item
    1. The graduate career guidebook - Steve Rook 2013

      Book Core

  2. Recommended Reading 9 items
    1. You're Hired! Job Hunting Online: The Complete Guide - Tristram Hooley, Jim Bright, David Winter 2016

      Book Optional

    2. Future work selves: How salient hoped-for identities motivate proactive career behaviors. - Strauss, Karoline. Institute of Work Psychology, University of Sheffield, Sheffield, United Kingdom, Griffin, Mark A.. School of Psychology, University of Western Australia, Crawley, WAU, USParker, Sharon K.. University of Western Australia Business School, University of Western Australia, Crawley, WAU, US 2012

      Article Optional

    3. The role of future time perspective in career decision-making - Terrance L. Walker, Terence J.G. Tracey 10/2012

      Article Optional